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Help For Ngonidzashe-Our Public plea

Ngonidzashe is a 4 year old boy who is struggling witha face eating tumor.Ngoni lives with his mother and father in the high density of Sakubva. Ngoni's parents Hardlife and Noleen are both unemployed and have failed to raise the amount for Ngonis medication.

Ngoni's story was brought to Rebuild Sakubva's attention by one of its members Mr Antony Mukwena on the 24th of February 2015. This was after the mother had approached him for help after being sent home from the local clinic for non payment of hospital bills.

Rebuild Sakubva then visited the family and set up a Facebook page in order to raise awareness for his plight.While Ngoni is a bubbly younger fighter he is in pain and his family cannot afford to buy him the necessary medications or foods which he needs.The current living conditions for this boy exposes him to infection.

Rebuild Sakubva is working with its supporters both nationally and internationally to try an get as much support a possible and to raise money to get the boy treated.the good news is that Ngoni 's skin cancer is treatable but time is of the essense so that he gets medical help soon.Those who are willing to help can contact us on +263 7733376748 or talk to Ngonis mother on +263771461563.Those who wish to donate on Gofundme can do so on