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  Empowering communities to reduce poverty

Rebuild Sakubva Mobile Library.Increasing community literacy through access to reading material.



Mobile library

Sakubva is a high density area with a population of 105 000 people and in this area there are people with both beauty and brains. However due to idleness youths and older people started to engage in inhuman activities that brought up to violence, theft, rape, drug abuse, mugging, murders and public vandalization. The country’s economic meltdown also contributed to high rates of unemployment, school dropouts and teenage pregnancies. Although the society is known of its thuggish behavior many reputable man and women are from this high density area of Sakubva. In September 2016, Rebuild Sakubva Trust as an organization with the people of sakubva at heart, decided to come up with a project that will enable the residents of Sakubva restore dignity and make them a better person through the introduction of a mobile library with the books that were donated by the Sakubva UK Helpers who made it all possible.

Most of Sakubva community members are entrepreneurs and they own their own businesses. A lot of people engage in daily business deals that restrict them access to collect books from the library as they carry out their business activities. As a result some of the business owners make little or no profit because they lack the know

how of how to keep their businesses afloat. Rebuild Sakubva Trust noted the gap and decided to bring the books to them.

The community at large will benefit in that,

  1. They will refrain from unproductive chats,
  2.  Acquiring knowledge on how to operate their businesses as well increasing their literate levels,
  3. And also to keep them up-to-date with what is transpiring around them.


The targeted people varies from different age groups, one elderly man 70 years of age impressed the founder and director of Rebuild Sakubva Trust with the enthusiasm and vibrant way when he received his own novel to read and what surprised us the most was when we went to collect the book and give him another one he narrated the whole story to us in English and this all made us to have big grins to the job well done.  The community of sakubva is receiving the whole idea of having books distributed to them to read and some are even suggesting for home keeping and recipe books. We as rebuild sakubva would like to thank Sakubva UK helpers for the books donated to us for they are making a positive impact in changing the lives of the people of Sakubva and thumbs up to those sakubva citizens who received our project of having a mobile library.

A scientist has been born in Sakubva

Sakubva is a high density area with a population of 75000 residents.It is overpopulated and characterised by high crime rate,school drop outs,abortion cases,early marriages,high divorce rates and prostitution.However even though "nothing good is expected to come out of Sakubva",it has proudly produced high caliber lawyers,doctors,governors,teachers,nurses who have all succumbed to the brain drain.Sakubva is also known for its many surprises and one such surprise is non other than Delan Leroy Bozho.Delan is an 18 year old who is a naturally born inventor and scientist.he uses the backyard of his house and some few makeshift laboratory equipment to come up with many amazing inventions.So far he has invented 3 robots and has come up with his own pesticides which he dubs Easywipe.

Delan's Background

Delan stays with his grand parents.His mother stays in Gweru and has since remarried.His grandparents are unemployed but manage to scrap up to send him to school. Sometimes he gets chased away from school for none payment of fees and it is during this time that he finds solace in his passion.Whenever he is at home,instead of indulging in drugs like most of his mates,Delan finds time to come up with his experiements and inventions.During his rest time he plays his guitar and finds solace in his music.His passion for scientific experiments started at a tender age of 8 and sometimes he would pick up scrap materials from the dumpsites.According to him,he enjoys the "pop" in most of his chemical experiments.Delan also enjoys watching a lot of science fiction movies and this is where he gets most of his ideas and aspiration from.He has not let his poor background hinder him from his passion and is using whatever materials the environment offers him to come up with mind blowing gadgets.

His main Inventions so far

In other countries, funds are made available for people like Delan and their work is further supported by various companies.Growing up in Zimbabwe,with no family or friends support, Delan has managed to defeat the odds and come up with the following invention

1. A Bionic leg-This is a microchip that can be inserted into the legs of people whose limbs no longer function and it can pick up senses from the nerves to perform various tasks like running,walking,kicking or even dancing.

2.Robotic Toilet

3.Industrial Robotic Converter

4. Homemade biogas


6.He has also discovered 2 chemical elements which he believes  can be placed in the periodic table of elements.He has even given them names and he hopes that one day someone will take interest in his work.

Hie Awards so far

Delan has won the Lenardo Da Vinci Science Award and also managed to participate in the National Science held in the capital city in Harare in 2015.

His Needs

He is looking for some funding to further his education as well as fund his projects.He aspires to work in a real lab and qualify to be a Engineer. He also hopes to come up with more inventions that can help his community and country at large.

If there are any interested people in Delan's work and feel they can fund him or help him get onto another level kindly contact us at Rebuild Sakubva offices in Sakubva or by email at [email protected] or call us at +263771570143

SAKUBVA  BEIT HALL: Finally the sleeping giant is coming to life.

The 55 year old Sakubva Beit Hall which has diligently and honestly served the community for the past 40 years was now nothing more than an eye sore and a white elephant.Regardless to say that the obsolete reel film projectors were nothing more than fit for archives ,most of the rooms and structure of the hall were now dilapidated and need an uplift.Last year Rebuild Sakubva put up a global plea to raise funds to refurbish this community hall.Nothing was forth coming at first and it drapped most of ReSa's hopes.A new beam of light then came from the very unlikely source.The Beit Trust.Unlikely in the sense that to BT they had weaned off the hall after handing it over to the local authorities with the hope that they will take over maintenance and upkeep.

ReSa got a boost when BT agreed to fund refurbishment of the hall and literally wake up the sleeping giant.This came as good news to the residents who were lamenting over the dilapidated state of the hall and how their memories were slowly fading away.As each beam,door or window fell off and so did their memory of the good times they used to have in the hall.


  • The refurbishment of the Beit Hall has come at a time when most people had lost hope.However once it is refurbished the following benefits will be realised:

    • During its refurbishment,it will create some form of employment for the local community even though most of it will come as their contribution.There is no financial gain from the community contribution but this participation and involvement will enhance a sense of belonging.
    • Community participation will help build social capital and trust among community members which is a vital ingredient for community development.
    • Once the hall is up and running several activities and programs will be done in the hall.This will save people from going far to book venues for their conferences,weddings,competitions,meetings and other community activities.This will save on distance travelled and enhance day to day maintenance of the hall.
    • The hall will also create employment and activities to while up time.Most of our youths in Sakubva are now engaging in alcoholism,drugs and petty crimes due to idleness.Having the hall will give them ideas to come up with activities like using it as a cultural centre,erecting a recording studio,using it for drama and film production,a social centre where they can meet and exchange ideas.
    • More activities at the hall means that the hall will start generating income for both the Municipality and community in various ways. 

Even though funds for reconstructions are available,the project is a might big one and it needs everyone's conceited efforts and ideas.You too can be part of this reconstructuring by:
  1. Contributing financially to other areas that are still under funded.
  2. Contributing your time and skills for free and taking part in the construction process.
  3. Sharing the word among your friends and social media
  4. Giving your ideas and technical know-how

Contact the following people if you want to be involved:
1.Lucia Nkomo-Director-+263771570143 or Brian Ndadzungira -Finance Officer @ +263772847425
You can also email us @ [email protected] or [email protected]

Help For Ngonidzashe-Our Public plea

Current Update (30/09/2015)

Ngonidzashe Mazarire is doing well,thanks to all your financial and moral support.He has so far undergone three surgeries.We are happy to report that the facial tumor has been successfully removed and the facial wounds have healed.He however is battling with some sores that are coming up on his scalp.His mother is doing all she can to keep him well taken care of and ensuring that he gets a balanced diet.Before the surgery Ngoni could hardly feed or eat as part of his mouth had been destroyed by the tumour. Ngoni is a very happy and bubbly boy and a joy to be a round.However the journey continues.

Update on Ngonidzashe so far

Due to your overwhelming support on the Gofundme page,we managed to raise the anticipated amount which made it possible for Ngoni to access medical care.On the 23rd of March he was operated on ,to remove the tumour on his face.The operation was done at Harare hospital. This operation was quite successful such that as of today, 14th May, Ngoni is now back home in Mutare, Sakubva. He will however go back to Harare for reconstructive surgery on the 22nd of May.The purpose of this next surgery is to reconstruct part of his lip and nose which were damaged by the tumour. So far he has shown great improvement and his wounds are healing without any complications.We hope that this will be the case until the 22nd.Meanwhile you can follow up on updates on the facebook page Help For Ngonidzashe. It would be good to note that Ngoni turned 5 while he was still in hospital and we thank Yvonne Majata for celebrating this day with him.Thank you every one for your support,love and care.Let us continue this journey until Ngoni is tumour free. We would also like to thank the nurses from Harare hospital who took care of him.Sister Dube from Parirenyatwa hospital,we also extend our appreciation of your kind heart and assistance.And to all the doctors who cared for Ngoni,may the good Lord bless you and bless the work of your hands.

Ngonidzashe Mazarire's Appeal.

Ngonidzashe is a 4 year old boy who is struggling witha face eating tumor.Ngoni lives with his mother and father in the high density of Sakubva. Ngoni's parents Hardlife and Noleen are both unemployed and have failed to raise the amount for Ngonis medication.

Ngoni's story was brought to Rebuild Sakubva's attention by one of its members Mr Antony Mukwena on the 24th of February 2015. This was after the mother had approached him for help after being sent home from the local clinic for non payment of hospital bills.

Rebuild Sakubva then visited the family and set up a Facebook page in order to raise awareness for his plight.While Ngoni is a bubbly younger fighter he is in pain and his family cannot afford to buy him the necessary medications or foods which he needs.The current living conditions for this boy exposes him to infection.

Rebuild Sakubva is working with its supporters both nationally and internationally to try an get as much support a possible and to raise money to get the boy treated.the good news is that Ngoni 's skin cancer is treatable but time is of the essense so that he gets medical help soon.Those who are willing to help can contact us on +263 7733376748 or talk to Ngonis mother on +263771461563.Those who wish to donate on Gofundme can do so on 

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