ReBuild Sakubva-ReSa                                                                                                                           

  Empowering communities to reduce poverty

Who are we?

Our Mission

Alleviating poverty,discrimination,stigmatization and restoring dignity through community based initiatives in order to rebuild a new Sakubva.

Our Vision

To restore dignity and increase community capacity of the most vulnerable people and marginalized groups through using social capital and trust within the community in order to build back Sakubva better.

Our Thematic Areas

1.Community development: This is where aspects of emotional, physical and economic development of the township will be dealt with. They work closely with the ecumenical department. This is also the major theme of ReSa. We use the Asset Based Community development strategies. Involvement and community participation is key in this thematic area. Within this thematic area are sustainable livelihoods, shelter, social capital and trust.

2.Gender,Youth Empowerment and development:

Our youth are the future of this town. Its sustenance is based on having well informed, environmentally aware, creative and responsible youth. This thematic area also look at gender issues within the community with particular regard to power issues. Who has more, who does not have access or who is preventing others access to community resources? We also deal with issues of exclusion and exploitation based on one's gender. Empowerment is key in this thematic area.

3. Disaster Risk management , Climate change and Environmental protection

This thematic area imparts knowledge to community members about current issues pertaining t their environment, climate change and how to be resilient and prepared for disasters both man-made and natural. Resilience and disaster preparedness are key in this thematic area and all efforts will be made to have knowledgeable communities. They should know how to take care of their environment in order that the environment takes care of them.

Partners who work with us.

4.Organisations that partner with us

1. Population Services Zimbabwe (PSZ)

An organisation that works on sexual reproductive health.Together with Rebuild Sakubva they are holding training workshops and offering Post Abortion Care services to the Sakubva community.It currently runs a local clinic in Sakubva where they offer contraceptive consultations and SRH care.

2. African Outreach

An organisation based in the UK but with the mandate of working with partners in Africa in order to improve the lives of the people in Africa.It is lead by its Director Alex Lipniski.

3. Sakubva Helpers Uk

A Uk based organisation lead by Mr Fungayi Pual Malianga.This is the sister organisation of Rebuild Sakubva and its mandate is to mobilise resources for Rebuild Sakubva.They work hand in hand with ReSa in order to improve the lives of the people of Sakubva.They have so far mobilised a number of resources which are currently being used in schools and in the community.

4. Chegutu Community Trust

A community development trust which borrowed its ideas from Rebuild Sakubva.It is led by Mr Takura Tapambwa and it serves the interests of the people of Chegutu.

5. WWR....(When Widows Rise.....)

An organisation for Widows that was started in 2007.It has members across Zimbabwe and has a current membership of 2800 members country wide.Some of their country offices are in Mutare,Chitungwiza,Guruve,Bindura and Harare.Their staff is 85% widows and its activities include lifeskills traininging for widows,access to medication,access to ART,counselling,school fees asistance to widows children.They can be contacted at [email protected].

"ReSa has brought relief and hope to most of our members in Mutare who were living under dire poverty and misery.Partnering with ReSa is a plus for us as we will be strongly related to such a wonderful project"..Director of WWR...

6. Yes We Can (YWC)

A youth centred organisation in the rural area of Zimbabwe in Guruve.Yes We Can (YWC) thrives to make sporting dreams of the poverished and underpreviledged youths in the rural areas to light.They give them a future and a chance to do what they like and enjoy in the sporting arena.Its activities include carrying out sporting camps for youh in Guruve,HIV and AIDS information sharing with the youths,talent identification in soccer,netball,cricket and athletics,organising tournaments and compatitions for youth games.

"being a partner with ReSa is a chance for growth and best practice sharing which we really cherish.This is the beginning of a god relationship".Director Yes We Can.

7. Eilla Production (EP)

A gospel music outfit that travels around the country showcasing their talent is choral music.They take after the likes of Joyous Celebration and Soweto Gospel music.thisis a relatively new outfit that has taken the gospel music industry by storm and will continue to thrive.

"We are honored and we praise God for ReSa.One day we will be able to hold a concert in their honor and help fundraise for their noble endeavour" Mr Aliie Muzezi.Diretor and Founder of Eilla Productions.They canbe found at

8. Mutare City Council

The Mutare local authorities who have been very supportive and instrumental in most of ReSa's activities

Commited Members Area

9. ERC
A Harare based organisations that has branches across the country.They help communities with voter education and accountability projects.

We also have a number of followers on Twitter and facebook.You too can be a partner and make a contribution towards ReSa.
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